Telephone answering

  • A secretary answers calls made to customer’s phone number on his behalf taking notes and emailing them to you.
  • Calls can also be forwarded to customer’s phone (IP phone or ATA adaptor required).
  • Remaining calls per month are not transferable.
  • The customer can select to be upgraded to the next available plan in the case of exceeding the limit.
  • This service is available in 3 versions based on the number of calls received per month.
    • 110 calls per month, 50€ per month and 0.75€ per call thereafter.
    • 264 calls per month, 100€ per month and 0.50 per call thereafter.
    • 792 call per month, 250€ per month and 0.35€ per call thereafter.
  • All prices are exclusive of 18% VAT, which will be added to the final price.